Step 1. Please review the list of items that we accept and do not accept at the bottom of this page.

Step 2. Email us photos of what you have. You may also come by the store with your phone/camera.

Step 3. Evaluate the items.  We will provide a list of prices you can expect after the item(s) sell.

Step 4. Get the items to the store.  Bring them here and we can help unload or we can pick up the item(s) for a reasonable fee. Review and sign contract.

Step 5. Items remain on sale for 90 days. There are reductions every 30 days by 25%.  After 90 days we offer a 10 day grace period to retrieve your items or we can discuss donating them or marking them down further.


Things to remember:

-We will attempt to double your agreed amount as a retail price in the store
-You always have the option of picking up your unsold item(s) at any time during store hours.
-All item(s) must be cleaned prior to placing them on consignment.
-We do not accept anything that is dirty, damaged, stained or missing pieces.
-We also do no accept anything with pet hair or pet odors.
-You will need to contact us for your check.  We do not call/email consigners to alert them their items have sold.
-You must request your check within 6 months of contract expiration date.
-If you live out of the city or state we can always mail you the consignment check.
-Our goal is to get you the highest possible price for your merchandise.

What is NOT Accepted

  • Mattresses or Box Springs
    • Clothes
    • Infant or Toddler Beds and Cribs
    • Toys
    • Pet Supplies
    • China, Dishes, Flatware or Glassware
    • Cutlery
    • Bed or Bath Linens
    • Window Treatments
    • Small Kitchen Appliances
    • Electronics
    • Rugs


What Is Accepted

  • Household Furniture (no mattresses)
    • Commercial Furniture
    • Garden or Patio Furniture
    • Jewelry (we pay cash for gold and silver)
    • Lamps
    • Pictures
    • Wall Art
    • Accents
    • Vases
    • Other Decorative Items

    If you are unsure about what is accepted or if you have any questions please contact us:



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